Mathematics at Great Bentley

At Great Bentley Primary School our aim is to inspire an intrinsic love of maths in our children. We value the importance of developing a range of mathematical skills.

Our daily arithmetic, times tables and problem solving encourages our children to make connections between different mathematical concepts and explain their reasoning behind problems that they face. We believe in the importance of making maths as hands on and practical as possible to give the children the opportunity to apply their learning to a real life context.  



Do you fancy practising your times tables at home? Download our quick maths grids below!...

 TIMES TABLE GRID.docxDownload
 TIMES TABLE GRID1.docxDownload
 TIMES TABLE GRID2.docxDownload
 TIMES TABLE GRID4.docxDownload
 TIMES TABLE GRID5.docxDownload
 TIMES TABLE GRID6.docxDownload
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 Addition and subtraction calculation policy incl. eyfs.docxDownload
 Division policy[29676].docxDownload
 Mulitplication policy[29658].docxDownload
 Progression in fractions.pdfDownload
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Whole School Number Day on Friday 2nd March

What Maths looks like in EYFS


What Maths looks like in KS1  [COMING SOON]

What Maths looks like in KS2


Maths Café for EYFS, KS1 and KS2

Maths café is afterschool, once a week. This is an opportunity for children from EYFS to KS2 to socialise, have fun and see the fun that they can have with maths... of course, no café would be complete without biscuits and squash!

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