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 The Curriculum at Great Bentley 


Maths at Great Bentley
At Great Bentley we are committed to understanding the significance that maths plays throughout life and the importance of progressing maths skills now for our futures. That's why we aim for all maths learning to follow a cycle that gives maths purpose; 'learn it', 'practise it', 'use it' and when we can make cross curricular links we seek to 'show and grow' our skills. At Great Bentley we seek to ensure children develop confidence in their approach to solving probems and have many opportunities to enjoy progressing their maths skills.

English at Great Bentley


At Great Bentley Primary School we recognise that the ability to read fluently and write for purpose are skills which are essential to our ability to understand, interpret and communicate about the world and with each other. We aim to provide pupils with the requisite skills to read and write fluently and confidently for a variety of purposes throughout the curriculum.

Each class teacher has a clear plan of how they will deliver their set objectives for the year. It is then down to the individuals creativity to plan how to teach those objectives, e.g. in what texts they use, the activities chosen.


Click here for a link to the Accelerated Reader Parent guide

Statutory Requirements for English

The school meets all statutory requirements for English by following the EYFS Framework in the Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum in KS1 and KS2.  In Key Stage 1 Phonics is taught using the Letters and Sounds scheme. Key Stage 2 classes develop their Writing skills using “Pie Time” sessions (Daily grammar teaching).  The school reading scheme is the “Big Cat” one and we are investigating the Accellerated Reader programme. 


Pen Licence

In order to gain a 'pen licence' children need to write in a clear, joined, cursive script. When a teacher feels the child has achieved this, they will nominate them to be seen by the English co-ordinator. The child will maintain their pen licence for as long as this level of presentation is mainained. Happy writing!

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