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Welcome to Year 4!


Over Easter the children have the optional task of making a Viking Shield to bring in school after Easter to display around the classroom! This can be paper or cardboard! 

On Tuesday 20th April we had an art day! We started off by drawing our design in pencil onto our piece of fabric, we then used the melt wax to create our design this is called Batiking. After we had completed our batik design, we let the wax dry before tie dying them outside. Throughout the day we also wrote our names in Norse, completed still life drawings and listened to music and associated colours with each mood we thought it showed. 

In Geography this week we used the compasses to go around the playground and field on a treasure hunt! We had to follow the directions given to us to identify where the human and physical features are located around the world! 

In Science this week we looked at sounds around us. We went outside and sat in groups quietly listening to the sounds around us! 

In Science we conducted an experiment about melting! We all planned our own experiment with our own questions! Some of our questions were:

How long will it take to melt? 

What temperature was the object when it was melted? 

Which object will take the longest to melt? 

In DT this term we made our very own cars! We spent a lot of time planning them in our groups! Here are some of our final pieces!

During lockdown we made our very own instructions to make our own cupcakes! In groups we worked together to decide what extra ingredient we would add to our cupcakes! Each cupcake was different they varied, here are some of our cupcake ingredients lemon, Oreo, chocolate buttons and lemon! 

Last Friday 11th December, some of the children who have music lessons played in front of the class! 

In Maths we had a go at building our very own 3D shapes! We used either paper nets to cut out and stick together or spaghetti and marshmallows! 

In DT we made our very own operation games! The children all planned and designed their own games and even made them buzz using a circuit! Here are some of our designs

This term our topic is going to 'The Human Body'! I am very excited about the term and it has been lovely seeing all of the children's faces! My classroom door is always open if you need to catch me! 

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Class Information:

Our PE day has changed to a WEDNESDAY! Please make sure the children come to school dressed in their PE kits, this half term we will be doing indoor PE. Please ensure they have removed earrings (or can remove them by themselves) or they have plasters to tape them up. 

Homework- this half term the children should already have their homework books at home (if you need a new one please let me know!). The homework grid is available below, however if you need it printed please let me know! Inside their books should be:

  • Homework map 
  • Year 3 and 4 spellings 
  • Maths formulas 
  • TTRS login
  • Reading questions

For some extra free maths games have a look at Its a great website for practising maths formulas! 

If you have any questions please let me know!

Summer 1 homework map

 WB 18th May Maths homework.pdfDownload
 WB 25th May Maths homework.docxDownload
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Summer 2 homework map

 Autumn 1 homework map.docxDownload
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Reading questions to ask the children about their reading books. 


All of the children should have logins to an app called 'Spelling Shed'. On the spelling shed I have set weekly Year 3 and Year 4 spellings. They will need to practise these as they will be tested on these during the week as we are spending a lot of time on spellings! 

Are you getting your 20 minutes of reading a day? 

Why not try one of these :-) 

Happy reading!