Welcome to Year 4!

Year 4 show and tell

To my fabulous Year 4's, 

It has been lovely to see the work you have been completing at home! Please continue to email me once a week to show me your amazing pieces of work, then I can upload them on here! I am missing seeing you all each day and I am so impressed with how well you're all doing at home- keep it up! 

Stay safe and stay at home 


Miss Bines :) 

Hello, I have put together a few links below of online links for the Essex library website and the services they offer! 

If you are registered at an Essex Library you will be able to use your library to access a range of online materials! https://libraries.essex.gov.uk/e-books-e-audio-e-magazines-and-book-groups/

Borrowbox- Is a website/app which allows you to download e-audio and e-books. The children will be able to access a range of children's books on iPad's/tablets and the computer. To access this click the link above and then click on e-books and e-audio. If you scroll down and click on the link for Borrowbox it will take you through to logon using your library card. 

RB digital- Is a website/app which allows you to access magazines, comics and audio-books. If you follow the link above and click e-magazines, e-books and e-newspapers. If you scroll down and click on the link for RB digital it will take you through to logon, you will need to create a account. 

If you use the following link you will be able to access a range of reference materials. This includes; ancestry, online dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers and magazines. 


All of the above materials are free to access! If you are not signed up to the library you can follow the link and sign up online. This is all free and they will provide you with a different card number until the libraries re-open and you're able to get hold of a library card. https://librarycatalogue.essex.gov.uk/iguana/www.main.cls?sUrl=UserActivities&t=1586707565551#GuestRegistration=1

If you need any help please contact me on the year4@greatbentley.essex.sch.uk email address! 

Here is some of the amazing work we have been doing at home! Scroll down to see more! 

Week 4 to 6

Week 6

 Week 6 maths.pdfDownload
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Week 5

 Harry Potter Maths- week 5.docxDownload
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Home Learning

Every Monday morning new work will be uploaded to our class page to support with home learning while the children are off. The work will link to the packs sent home.

If you need to get in contact with Miss Bines please use the email below 


Emails will be responded to between 9am-12pm Monday to Friday. 

This work is the plan for the next 3 weeks, each week I will upload individual documents which are needed for each week.  

Week 4

 Bigfoot poem reading hour- week 4.docxDownload
 History writing task- week 4.docxDownload
 Maths week 4 part 2.pdfDownload
 Maths- week 4.pdfDownload
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Week 1 to 3 

English Guidance 

Week 3 Challenges

 Book review- reading task week 3.docxDownload
 Maths week 3.docxDownload
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Week 2 document

 Character description task- reading week 2.docxDownload
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Week 1 documents

 Maths week 1.docxDownload
 Week 1 reading task.docxDownload
 Week 1 reading texts .docxDownload
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Any work you complete can be emailed through to year4@greatbentley.essex.sch.uk and I will upload it to our class website! 

This term our topic is 'The Human Body'. We will be spending time learning about our body. 

Over Christmas we all spent time creating our own human body pieces for the classroom! 

On Thursday 19th March we created our operation games! In our tables we created a plan of what our games would look like. We painted our boards with our own designs, created circuits for our buzzers to work and parts to go in the middle of our bodies! 

In Geography we have been looking at having a wider understanding of Geographical terms. We decided to have a go at making the Geographical terms using our artistic skills. 

In Art we have tie-dyed cushions for our new library. Everyone's pattern were different depending how they pulled or twisted the outer cushion and where they placed the elastic bands. 

On Thursday 6th February we had our Science workshop! We made our own set of teeth, created a digestive system, looked at our fingerprints and conduct experiments about keeping our bodies healthy. 

In English we have been writing explanation texts about the digestive system. We are going to be writing explanation texts about the skeleton, nervous system, muscles and our organs over the next few weeks. Once we have written them all we are going to create a book containing all the information about the Human Body. 

In Maths this term we are going to be looking at Fractions! We have started looking at equivalent fractions, tenths and hundredths and we're moving on to looking at adding and subtracting fractions! 

In Science we are carrying on looking at the Human Body. We have been using our Science lessons to gain more knowledge for our writing in our English lessons. We are also conducting a bread experiment and looking at how quickly germs spread! 

Are you getting your 20 minutes of reading a day? 

Why not try one of these :-) 

Happy reading!

Times table Rock stars

Please remember to practice your times tables weekly! I will be setting times table challenges on times table rock stars for you to complete! 

If you have forgotten your login please ask! 


This term our topic is 'Traders and Invaders'. We will be spending time learning about Vikings, Anglo Saxons and the Scots. 

On Friday 15th November we joined in with Joe Wicks' Children in Need Big Morning Move alongside the Year 5's. It was a great way to enjoy a quick morning wake up! Scan our QR codes to watch the Big Morning Move! 

Thursday 3rd October was National Poetry day! In our groups we all read the poem 'Storm Dragon'. We spent time practising and then filmed it using the iPad's and the green screen! Scan our QR codes to have a listen to our poems! 

In Art we have made pro-types of dragons eyes! Keep you eyes peeled for our next lot of dragon eyes! 

On Monday 23rd September we visited Layer Marney Tower! We had a great day learning about Vikings and Anglo Saxons! 

Over the summer holidays, we all worked hard on creating our own Viking Shield!

Highlights from Year 4 2018-2019

We hopped on our magic carpets and flew to London's West End to see a Dazzling performance of Aladdin the Musical. 

Year 4 taking part in the 'Build a story workshop' at Shrek's adventure on 9.10.18

On Monday 18th May join in with the Joys of Moving Festival! Have a look at the challenges below

Covid Pack 

Previous home learning 

Easter week 2

Well done to the following children who have improved their time for Times table Rockstars 

Mindfulness colouring

Music task- Week beginning the 4th May

Music task- Week beginning the 11th May 

Music task- Week beginning 18th May

Music Task- Week beginning 25th May 

 Identifying Notes on the Stave.pdfDownload
 Lets Draw the Treble Clef[14504].pdfDownload
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All homework will be set here! If you click the download document button, you should be able to open the document on your laptop, computer, tablet or iPad. If there are any issues please speak to Miss Bines. 


All homework will be set on a Thursday and due back the following Wednesday.

PE days are a Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure your child has the appropriate PE kit for all weathers. Please ensure that all jewellery is removed before the school day if they are unable to remove it independently.  

This term all of our homework will be on this map below. The children need to complete 3 out of the 4 tasks. 

Spring 2 homework map

Maths homework Spring 2

Spring 1 homework map

Maths homework Spring 1

Year 4 need to practice 6 spellings each week. They will receive an extra 4 spellings from SPAG lessons each week on top of this. 


16th January 





6th February





In class we are also practising common exception words. We are working hard to ensure we are able to spell every day words not just our own statutory spellings. 

Questions to ask whilst reading

Autumn 2 homework

Maths term tasks


Spelling term tasks 

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