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PGL - Bawdsey Manor

Keep up-to-date with the children's progress throughout the week. 

Daily update

Thursday 21st June - A colder and calmer day all round today. The children were much harder to rouse this morning, but were soon in full voice; singing the PGL chants between activities. Archery, problem solving, challenge course and survivor were the activities today. Every new day brings new favourite activities - for many, the challenge course made it in to the top 5 activities. The children also had their second shop day today. 

After dinner, the children had a quick look inside a couple of rooms in Bawdsey Manor itself, before a final activity of 'Wacky Races'. The children are all showered and packed now ready for tomorrow. The children all have said that the week has exceeded their expectations, but they are looking forward to coming home tomorrow. 

We are aiming to leave at 1:30pm on Friday so we should be back at Great Bentley by 3:00pm.  

Wednesday 20th June - Yet another glorious day weather-wise. Breakfast was at 7:45am (same as yesterday) but it was certainly more of a struggle getting up this morning. All groups had an terrific time today, especially as we had the giant swing instead of the zip wire. Almost all children had this in their top 3 events so far. The children also took part in the trapeze session: scaling a 12 metre high telegraph pole and jumping off of a small wooden platfom at the top! 

Other sessions today included orienteering, problem solving and Aeroball.

We finished the day with a host of games in an event called 'Splash', which culminated in building a contraption to avoid a water balloon bursting. 

The children also had their first visit to the shop today. They were very excited by the variety of sweets available to them! The children (well, most of them!) are sleeping earlier and earlier as the activities and hot weather tire them out. 

Tomorrow's activities include archery, fencing and challenge course. We are all looking forward to our last full day at PGL and can't believe how quickly the days have gone.  

Tuesday 19th June - wonderful weather to greet us today. We have taken part in buggy building and Jacob's ladder today. Off to raft building now. A longer update to follow...

Well, having read yesterday's update back I realise I was more tired than I thought (I have made some amendments to my poorly written update). The children have had a truly brilliant yet tiring day. Buggy building, Jacob's ladder, raft building and a game of 'Ambush' this evening. It has been so busy that we barely have had a chance to stop.  

I am so impressed by how the children have risen to challenges; taken part in all activities and helped one-another. I am also pleased to say that the children have taken to the students from Frinton really well and can often be found playing football with them and sharing conversations at dinner time.  

Monday 18th June - We arrived! An easy jouney had us arrive on time and soon we were in to our rooms. Dinner was at 5:30pm with a selection of either cottage pie, fish fingers and chips, or tomato and mozarella tart. The children enjoyed dinner but a few thought the gravy jug was chocolate sauce and subsequently poured it over their dessert - a doughnut!

A site tour of the sunken garden and a close look at Bawdsey Manor followed dinner. A great game of 'Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors' followed (which Jessica won). Lastly, the children enjoyed a sing-song and games around the campfire (including smores) before going to bed. Surprisingly, the children were very quiet tonight - maybe it's because we have breakfast at 7:45am tomorrow! 

A slight change in plan means tomorrow we have the following activities:

  • buggy build
  • Jacob's ladder 
  • Raft building 

The children have all commented how happy they are and are really looking forward to the week ahead. 

I look forward to updating the page tomorrow. 


Sunday 17th June - Bags are packed. Many will be trying to sleep, but the excitement might keep them awake... Remember, the quicker you get to sleep, the quicker the adventure begins! 

Evening activities:

Monday - Campfire

Tuesday - Ambush

Wednesday - Splash

Thursday - Wacky Races


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