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Spring 2021

Home Learning Resources

Week commencing 18.01.21

To support those of you who are home learning please see this weeks learning grid below.

It's week two with the Naughty Bus! Email links to the recordings of our class lessons will continue to be sent out each day.  The resources you may want to refer to will be included here each day.

Resources for Monday

 English - day 6 - Naughty Bus 18.01.21.pdfDownload
 Maths resources - jigaw pieces eleven to twenty 18.01.21.pdfDownload
 Maths resources - jigaw pieces one to ten 18.01.21.pdfDownload
 Phonics - oo and oo - activity sheet 18.01.21.pdfDownload
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Resources for Tuesday - will be available on Monday afternoon

 English - Day 7 resource page Tue 19.01.21.pdfDownload
 Maths - Bus doubles Tue 19.01.21.pdfDownload
 Phonics - ar- activity sheet 19.01.21.pdfDownload
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Week Commencing 11.01.21

To support those of you who are home learning please see this weeks learning grid below.

You will be sent out, in addition to the resources found on this page, an email with links to our recorded class lessons through the week.

Please find below Friday's resources - There is only the English writing sheet. Don't worry your not missing anything else! :)  We are continuing with the Naughty Bus story next week.

 English - Day 5 Writing page 15.01.21.pdfDownload
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Please see below Thursday's resources - Please note: There will not be a YouTube lesson for maths todays as it's something that I am sure you can tackle at home - and won't take too long to complete.

 English - Day 4 writing page 14.01.21.pdfDownload
 Phonics - oa- worksheet Thursday.pdfDownload
 Thursday Maths Meeting resources - number lines and buses.pdfDownload
 Well being - Thursday - monsters-week-1-journal-EYFS.pdfDownload
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See below for Wednesday's resources - remember it's PE today and Welly Wednesday - so not as much studying today! Look out for the email lesson links through the morning - we try to upload them as soon as we can after the class lesson has finished!

 English - Day 3 writing page 13.01.21.pdfDownload
 Maths - 13.01.21 One more challenge sheet.pdfDownload
 Maths meeting resource sheet- 13.01.21.pdfDownload
 phonics -igh- worksheet.pdfDownload
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Please see below Tuesday's resources

 Early Morning Writing 11 - 15 Jan 2021.pdfDownload
 English - Day 2 writing 12.01.21.pdfDownload
 Math Meeting - Tyres at the garage.pptxDownload
 Maths - 12.01.21 Trial and Error - Wheels.pdfDownload
 Phonics -ee - worksheet.pdfDownload
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To get you started on Monday morning - here is the first writing task of the day.

Maths Meeting Monday - 

The recorded maths meeting is now available and can be supported by the document below.




















The information below relates to Summer 2020 ...

Home learning 

Week commencing 13.7.2020

Every Monday morning new work will be uploaded to our class page to support with home learning while the children are off. The work will link to the packs sent home.

Please also continue to upload pictures and work to Tapestry. 

Work pack for week commencing 13.7.2020

Children's home learning examples

Each week I will upload some of the children's work that has been sent in. Please do send your child's work to yearR@greatbentley.essex.sch.uk or upload on Tapestry! Thank you to all the children and parents/carers who are working so hard! 


Reception Show and Tell Video - 31st May 2020










Tuesday 17th March 2020

If I was a Superhero poem performance

Reception have been working hard on learning the poem 'If I was a Superhero' with actions to show at our class assembly. Unfortunately, we were unable to go ahead with our class assembly but wanted to share with parents and carers our performance. Enjoy! 

Wednesday 4th March 2020

Reception's Dinosaur Fact File

Today we received pictures of our Dinosaur Fact File in the Natural History Museum. They have put our fact file in the dinosaur gallery for members of the public to read. We worked really hard on finding out our dinosaur facts and then writing them carefully and neatly. We worked hard on our letter formation and writing words and simple sentences. We used the I-pads to draw our dinosaurs and then cut and stuck them onto our fact files. Miss Ide is very proud of our work and so was the Natural History Museum! After being displayed for over a week they are going to send it back to us to display at school in the library!

Monday 2nd March 2020

Evil Pea strikes again!

Today Evil pea had been up to his old tricks again but this time had trapped Supertato and his friends around the school. We had to help them by solving the riddles on the clues to find them all! When we got to Supertato, Evil pea had left us a message to say we weren't going to find him. We went back to the classroom and created WANTED posters and stuck them around school so everyone can keep their eyes peeled! In continuous provision, some of us made traps for Evil pea. We haven't found that pesky pea yet but we are hoping to soon! Great work Reception.

Monday 10th February 2020

Floating and sinking experiment

Today we learnt the vocabulary 'floating' and 'sinking.' We had five different dinosaur materials we had to test to see which dinosaurs floated and which sunk. Before we started we made predictions as a class. We then worked as a team and recorded our results on our graph. We all came back together at the end and discussed our conclusions. We found the plastic, paper and tissue paper dinosaur float but the fabric and play dough dinosaur sunk.

Cooking Porridge

Thursday 26th September 2019

Today we had a special package and letter from Goldilocks asking us to help make porridge for the three bears. We had to follow a set of instructions and measure out the oats and milk. We worked as a team to take-turns and check we were measuring correctly. At the end we got to taste the porridge and decide whether we liked it or not. We then attempted to write our names to let Goldilocks know whether we liked the porridge.

 This term our topic is all about Travel and Transport.

Take a look at the attached newsletter for full details.

 Week commencing 04.01.21

To support those of you who are home learning this week - we have the following resources available for you to access - which will work alongside this week's learning grid.   

This week's book is called On the way home by Jill Murphy.

Friday 8th January 2021

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks book and had chance to read it through or watch our YouTube version of it!

Here is a little quiz for you to go through with your child - can you both remember what happened in the story? No need to write this up, just let me know in an email who won! :)

In class today we will be thinking about some new characters that our main story character Claire might meet on her journey home.  We are going to put them into a little booklet. Take a look at the template example. You can just fold a piece of A4 paper to make a mini booklet.

Thursday 7th January 2021

If you are following the home learning grid for this week then the document below is an expanded version of the sentence writing activity for today and tomorrow.  

Please encourage your child to use the cursive style of letter formation. Unfortunately the cursive font we use in school is not supported when the documents are converted onto the website.

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Story mapping - can you create a story map showing each character Claire meets on her journey home? Look out for the YouTube link to be emailed out later today of the class version of this activity.

Take a look at the image below for a simple story map outline that you can create at home together. 

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Complete the activity sheet How I get to school - no need to print - just use the document as an example - then draw a picture in your orange home learning exercise book. Don't forget to label your picture!

Writing Activity: Use the picture prompt in the word document to support cursive writing and sentence formation. The sentence the children need to write is highlighted in yellow.



In the Spring term we will be providing homework for you to complete each week or fortnight. Our hope is that undertaking some home learning will continue to support your child's progress in school. We will provide an activity sheet which can be completed in the orange exercise books that we sent home before Christmas.


To keep physically fit helps us to stay mentally fit as well - so why not join your child in some home PE sessions - they have been put together by St James Palace and School Games.  We hope they make a nice break from your daily PE sessions with Joe Wicks. :)






























The information below relates to Summer 2020.......

Summer activities

Learning resources for week commencing


 I Spy and Read Activity - Phase 4 Set 1.pdfDownload
 I Spy and Read Activity - Phase 4 Set 2.pdfDownload
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Learning resources for week commencing


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Everybody Worries -

Online story book to support children's anxieties and worries.


Everybody Worries by Job Burgerman

Tricky word resources

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SEND and well-being resources


We can all feel a little bored at the moment. This online video helps us to understand what we can do when we are bored and reads the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. Click on the link below.

Click here


Your well being

It is important to look after your health and mind. At the moment things might seem strange and you might feel a little sad and that is okay. But it is important you also think about the positives as well. I have attached a document below. Please do try to fill it in at the end of each week and send me your positives. 



Video links to support your child's learning. 

Are you reading at home with with your child?

Stuck for ideas of what to read??

Why not try one of these :-) 

Happy reading!

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